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At Madison Business Forums, we have been holding forums with face-to-face meetings for different industries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa for more than nine years. We strongly believe in the importance of personal relationships, a cornerstone that identifies us and makes us stand out from other companies.
Our system, which is adapted to the needs of each sector and geographic area, promotes interactions between key people in the industry. Because companies are made up of people, and people buy from other people, we know that this is the best way to strengthen and build new business relationships.

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At Madison Business Forums, we put on three annual events of our own: HISPEC, HOSPEC and HOSPITALSPEC. We work hard with several institutions, including the governments of various countries, trade fair institutions, chambers of commerce, export councils, etc., as well as private companies, always seeking to achieve the standards of highest quality while pursuing perfection, the features which best define us.

HISPEC, which has now reached its eleventh edition, brings together the most important specifiers and suppliers from the hotel design industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
This event, which changes venue on each occasion, is held yearly at a five-star hotel in a different European city. There is a limit of 150 on the number of people attending.
The owners, project managers, construction and interior design directors and FF&E purchasing directors of the most important hotel chains in the world and architecture studios attend every year to look for products and suppliers who can cooperate with them to complete their many different projects.

HOSPEC, which has been held for more than ten years now, has become a yearly meeting point for the HORECA (hotels, restaurants and catering) industry in Spain and Portugal.
This event also changes venue each year and is held at a five-star hotel in Spain or Portugal. The number of people attending is limited to 150 in all.
The buyers that take part are Purchasing Directors for hotel chains, restaurant groups and facility services operators. The suppliers and distributors attending the event offer a wide range of products and services, with a special emphasis on food and beverage, equipment and technology.

HOSPITALSPEC, now in its fiveth edition, gathers purchasing executives and specifiers of hospital groups, mutual insurance companies and elderly care homes, and architectural and engineering firms, and facility services operators; together with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of equipment, services and solutions for the healthcare industry.

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